Friday, 6 August 2010

Caring Heart - trade show stands

so tonight I quite literally bashed out a couple of vertical stands/vertical banners for my wife to use tomorrow at a trade show. while they aren't exactly as I'd planned, they are at least half way to what I'd wanted and will suffice for tomorrow. I plan on modifying the design and adding embellishments so that they can be used over and over again. Over time they will have decorative trims and framing added and I'll modify the feet a little bit to feature some nice scroll-saw cutouts.

keeping true to my word of catching up on the blog here are the first photos of the finished product. I didn't take any progress shots as I was focussed on getting something functional produced. It uses no nails, no glue and is made 100% from sustainable forestry timbers and using 50% green energy for the tools. We're well on our way to having an eco-friendly woodworking workshop producing high quality pieces.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I'm so slack

has been so slack with his furniture blog lately. i have about three posts that I need to catch up on this weekend.
1. maleny wood festival
2. the old man's epic cupboards
3. whifey's vertical trade show displays

Then shortly to follow will be a fourth blog post for the window bed / toy storage that I'm building for the nursery. I'm hoping soon after that I can begin blogging about the construction process for the 3 axis cnc and also to blog about the pieces I'm being commissioned to make. The commissioned pieces will utilise a lot of the techniques that I've displayed thus far however I'm hoping to ramp up the surface and edge detailing of these pieces with the 3 axis cnc.