Thursday, 28 October 2010

Moses Rocker

This is going to be a short and sweet posting about a recent item I've made in preparation of our upcoming baby. Tonight's post is about what I'm calling the 'Moses Rocker'. Most people have heard of Moses before, even if they aren't Christian, and some are familiar with the story of moses being found in a basket. The basket has continued to be used and has somewhat become of popular item with many being sold across varying stores all over the world.

However, I didn't make the basket in this instance - I chose to purchase one. The rocker though was an item that I had considered buying but after seeing the boring designs available and the stupidly high prices; I elected to make one from scrap plywood I had in the man-shed.

The resulting Moses Rocker can be seen in the following eye candy, enjoy.

ps: stay tuned for some more items to be published in the coming couple of weeks as I prepare gifts for the family for Christmas.