Thursday, 1 September 2011

Signature Photographics

This is a quick post to let everyone know that Signature Photographics has to be the most unprofessional company I've dealt with in a long time. Whilst their services claim the be personal and suited to your specific needs they have failed to deliver a quality product and service. Their beautiful photographic packages are great on paper but when it comes to the experience during the shoot and post shoot follow up you will be left wanting.

I would not recommend anyone use Signature Photographics as a professional photographic solution. We are currently over $1,500 down after their inability to deliver a product to us post shoot.


MrsJ said...

You are not alone!
We are having similar issues with this 'in-your-face-shoppingcentre-pull-me-in' company!!
We were kept waiting and hour past our appointment time in a hot room in the upstairs of some kind of timber warehouse. No airconditioning nor fan. and all manner of non-photography people walking past checking you out!
The makeup 'artist' was pre-occupied texting her dad? and her only hair styling tool was a straightener!
We paid a $500 deposit and six weeks and several unreturned phone calls later, we are still waiting for our order.
Fair trading will be interested in our stories. . .
Oh! and we are still waiting for our glass of champagne, which would have gone down very well in the uncomfortable heat up there!

Mark McCarthy said...

We finally got our photo's from Signature Photographics but only after getting the QLD Department of Fair Trading involved. The photo's hadn't had any retouching done to them, rather they'd been run through a batch process to sepia, black and white. This kind of retouching is something any monkey can do and doesn't warrant such a long time for delivery.

As a result of the investigation with the Department of Fair Trading and Signature Photographics, they offered some prints to be done and sent out to us. I made sure that as part of the deal I got to personally retouch and resupply the pics for them to print.

Some weeks later we get sent another disc of photos that are no different to the first lot. The prints supplied weren't the ones we supplied as retouched for print. They weren't even the same photos period.

I've since had to go back and threaten taking Signature Photographics to the Small Claims tribunal of QLD. They've elected to try and rectify the issue but again we're waiting some weeks for the new prints without any communication whatsoever from Signature Photographics.