Saturday, 5 February 2011

3 Axis CNC Router

Thanks to the Tax department sending me some cheques from the early 2000’s I’m now in a position to purchase parts for the 3 Axis CNC Router. It’s been a dream of mine to have one in the workshop to be able to quickly cut parts with incredible accuracy and repeatability. I am happy to advise that everything I need to build the machine has been order, aside from nuts and bolts to hold the wooden parts together. The next month or so will find my weekends filled with cutting, drilling and welding this beast into submission. I’d love to be cutting by the end of march if everything goes to plan. Again, this machine will be a massive help in the production of 43[cubed] and the Flood Relief Furniture (Drift Wood?). I’d like to thank linearmotionbearingsMcmaster CarrProcureit AustraliaAusxmodsFoden Designs, Lamare Wimberly and VXB for being such awesome suppliers to deal with during this process. I’d also like to thank the community at CNC Zone and Wood Work Forums for their ongoing support in getting the technical aspects of things sorted out with the construction of this machine.

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